Come on Girls! Get along!

Unfortunately, you cannot trust all other woman to help each other out in business. I think because of woman’s innate competitiveness (supposedly for reproducing purposes, I have read) with each other that there becomes a need for woman business associations to foster better female relationships. If I was to run a business center, this would be one of my top priorities because it is so unnecessary!!!! Of course, if you are in the same business, there is always going to be an essence of competition but come on, girls, there is no need for competition if you are not in the same line of work and only a win-win if you pair up!!!! I had the recent opportunity to be featured in one of our local women’s business magazines called Jolie and because their editor was so helpful, she gets my vote for woman of the year!!! Thanks to her for making my Christmas so special and picking Chicks Love Chocolate as the editor’s pick for the Valentines Day edition 2007!


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