The Chocolate “Affair”

I recently entered a writing contest where you could, in 150 words or less, write about chocolate and either an event related to it or some feeling you get when eating chocolate. I described my intimate relationship with this wonderful substance that stems from childhood. When I was around 7 years old, a cute yet puggy, little Italian girl living in Connecticut, I used to sneak chocolate whenever available. I was totally IN LOVE with the stuff! I would put it down my shirt and hoard it in my closet. My fave was the All-American, Hershey of course. As I have gotten older, finished multiple degrees and learned a lot more about this unique substance, my appreciation has only deepened, and my love for it only gotten stronger. Now it is like sneaking away with a romantic partner when I am contemplating indulging with my 70% dark. I just hope the affair never ends. I am sure it will last since this is one affair that my husband won’t get upset about if he finds out! I didn’t win the writing contest, by the way, but I great fun writing the entry! Comment on your relationship with chocolate, if you can put it in words!


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