A great chocolate gift idea, a his and her portrait from Neiman Marcus

This is the listing at Neiman Marcus…only $110,000. ! But all the proceeds go to charity…
“To celebrate that entertaining, exasperating, enduring thing you call love, try our His & Hers portrait by Vik Muniz. The brilliant Brazilian lives and works in New York, crafting internationally famous art out of literally anything: caviar, dirt, diamonds, toys even! Here, he will capture your likenesses in a double helping of Bosco® chocolate syrup. You come away with a framed 60″ x 48″ museum-quality photographic work of art, a limited edition of one, thank you. To grow the good karma you’ve started, Vik is donating his proceeds to Centro Espacial Rio de Janeiro, the charity he created to bring social and art projects to life for underprivileged young people in Brazil. Call 1.877.9NM.GIFT for the delicious details.
His & Hers Double Portrait in Chocolate
$110,000.00 *
*Art by Vik Muniz © Vik Muniz/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY”

Here is the link:



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